Erika Works

I am a User Interface/User Experience Architect. If your project is a house, I create the blueprints. Sometimes, I'm also the interior designer or the construction crew. I could stick in a lot of buzzwords like "gamification" or "nav language," but really, my job is about making things consistently effortless and enjoyable to use, to unify what you need with what you want, and to create the most elegant solution for your project, whether it's a virtual showroom for the iPad, a voice-controlled touchscreen for your car, or an HR database.

(I'm also fond of commas.)

I've had the opportunity to work with an amazing collection of clients, from the shop next door to Fortune 100 companies, and have been in web development since 2002. My philosophy is simple: Design should solve a problem, and it should do it in as few steps as possible.