1. HTML 5
  2. CSS 3
  3. Javascript
    {jQuery mostly}
  4. Comfy on both Macs and PCs
    {I build my own PCs}
  5. Any Adobe product
  6. Enough programming to get myself in trouble
  7. Yes, your site will work in every browser
  8. Prototypes with paper
  9. Wireframes in Omnigraffle and Balsamiq
  10. Firm handshake

Erika Wohlstadter

  • …always wants to start a biography with "I was born on a pirate ship."
  • …is old enough to remember LOGOS and life before the Internet.
  • …is an unapologetic nerd.
  • …is probably faster at hand-coding than copying-and-pasting.
  • …learned much of what she knows about page design from laying out comics.
  • …writes often.
  • …is not afraid to be bad at something.
  • …lives in Philadelphia, but has called quite a few locations home.
  • …can be reached at erika@erikaworks.com


I swear that I really and truly built this website and have created all of the assets shown therein. Names, logos, and other intellectual property are owned by the company so named and they are amazingly lovely people.